How to Enrol

All students at the University of Divinity must enrol through one of its Colleges, attend an interview (this may be conducted by phone or email), and complete an admission or re-enrolment form.

You may wish to consult the Admissions Policy and the Enrolment Policy.

Step 1: Select a course

The University offers a wide variety of awards, from diplomas to doctorates. Finding the right course of study will depend partly on your prior academic qualifications and partly on your objectives.

Step 2: Select a College

We are a collegiate University. This means each student studies at the University through one of its Colleges. The College is your primary learning community and will provide you with course advice and support services throughout your studies. Our Colleges cover a wide range of Christian traditions and places. The choice of a College might depend on your own faith tradition, where you live, or which course you want to study; each College offers a different selection of the University’s courses.

Step 3: Attend an interview

It is a requirement that all students attend an admissions interview with an academic advisor at a College. This will be a Coursework Coordinator in the case of coursework applicants, and a Research Coordinator in the case of higher degree by research applicants. The interview may be conducted by telephone or email or similar means.  The purpose of the interview is to help you choose the right course, to ensure you meet the admission requirements, and to plan a program of study appropriate to your course and your needs.

Step 4: Complete a form

Download the Application for Admission if you are new to the University or are enrolling in a new course. If you are a re-enrolling student, download the Re-enrolment form. Complete the form, following the instructions carefully. You will need to submit the completed form, together with supporting documentation (either originals or certified copies) to your College.

Step 5: Pay tuition fees

Domestic students: Payment of tuition fees must be provided with the application form. Australian citizens can pay in three ways:

  • FEE-HELP: This is a student loan scheme in which the Commonwealth Government pays the student’s tuition fees. Students pay back the fees through taxation if and when the student’s income rises above a minimum repayment threshold.
  • Upfront: Students may pay by BPAY, credit card or cheque (payable to University of Divinity)
  • Sponsorship: Students whose fees are being met by a third party must provide a letter from the sponsor on letterhead accepting responsibility for the fees.

International students: Payment of tuition fees must be provided as directed by the application form. Payment from overseas can be made through Western Union Business Solutions.

For full details on how to pay fees, please see the Fees page.