Masters Degrees

Changes to Masters Degrees

The University of Divinity is making significant changes to its Masters degrees from 1 September 2017. These changes are the outcome of the University’s five-yearly review of its Masters degrees, completed in November 2016. There are three key changes:

  1. Award names are being changed to reflect simply and directly the content of awards. Previously, many awards were called “Master of Arts (Specialisation)”. This is being amended for clarity to “Master of Specialisation“. More significantly the present Master of Theological Studies, or MTS, an award only available to students with a BTheol or equivalent, is being renamed the Master of Theology (Coursework), or MTh. Similarly, the present Master of Arts (Theology), or MA(Theol), a first degree in theology for students with a degree in another discipline, is being renamed the Master of Theological Studies, or MTS. These changes are to align UD award names with international practice, to ensure graduate qualifications are easily recognised.
  2. Course outcomes have been rewritten for all awards, to align with the University’s Course Policy. These course outcomes state the skills and capacities a graduate will achieve on successful completion of the award.
  3. Courses of study are being changed for several awards, to ensure that all possible pathways students may take within an award lead to the course outcomes and, where applicable, any professional accreditation or community recognition.

How will this affect students?

The changes will apply to all new students commencing study at Masters level in 2018, and to all continuing students who do not complete their Masters degrees by the end of 2017. The University Academic Board and Council scrutinised the recommended changes and agreed that, in all cases, the outcomes for continuing students would be the same or better under the new arrangements as under those which formerly applied. This includes improved recognition of awards, and clearer pathways for achieving course outcomes.

How will this affect alumni with an MTS?

Graduates who received the Master of Theological Studies or MTS from the University of Divinity (or, prior to 2012, the Melbourne College of Divinity), are entitled to apply to exchange their degree certificates and academic documents for the new Master of Theology (Coursework) or MTh. There is no charge for this service, however, this offer is only available for MTS graduates who apply prior to 30 September 2017 and who return their existing degree certificates and academic documents. New certificates and documents will be issued to successful applicants in early December. An application form will shortly be available from this page.

Download the MTS to MTH Exchange Form

Further assistance needed?

Please contact your College’s Coursework Coordinator.

Summary of Masters Degrees name changes

  1. Master of Philosophy [MPhil] – no change
  2. Master of Theology [MTheol] – becomes Master of Theology (Research) [MTheol]
  3. Master of Education and Theology [MEdTheol] – no change
  4. Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) [MA(BibStuds)] – becomes Master of Biblical Studies [MBS]
  5. Master of Arts (Church History) [MA(ChHist)] – becomes Master of Church History [MCH]
  6. Master of Arts (Pastoral Care) [MA(PastCare)] – becomes Master of Pastoral Care [MPC]
  7. Master of Arts (Philosophy) [MA(Phil)] – becomes Master of Philosophical Studies [MPS]
  8. Master of Arts (Social Justice) [MA(SocJust)] – becomes Master of Social Justice [MSJ]
  9. Master of Arts (Spirituality) [MA(Spirit)] – becomes Master of Spirituality [MSp]
  10. Master of Arts (Spiritual Direction) [MA(SD)] – becomes Master of Spiritual Direction [MSD]
  11. Master of Arts (Theology) [MA(Theol)] – becomes Master of Theological Studies [MTS]
  12. Master of Divinity [MDiv] – no change
  13. Master of Theological Studies [MTS] – becomes Master of Theology (Coursework) [MTh]

Regulations and Determinations for the new awards

Please find copies below of the new regulations and determinations which will apply to the new Masters awards from 1 September 2017:

Regulation 7 Master of Theology Research 2017

Regulation 19 Master of Theology Coursework 2017

Regulation 21 Master of Theological Studies 2017

Regulation 24 Master of Divinity 2017

Regulation 38 Master of Philosophy 2017

Regulation 39 Master of Education and Theology 2017

Regulation 68 Master of Biblical Studies 2017

Regulation 69 Master of Church History 2017

Regulation 70 Master of Pastoral Care 2017

Regulation 71 Master of Philosophical Studies 2017

Regulation 72 Master of Social Justice 2017

Regulation 73 Master of Spirituality 2017

Regulation 74 Master of Spiritual Direction 2017