Graduate Diploma in Liturgy

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Graduate Diploma in Liturgy






  • Catholic Theological College
  • Yarra Theological Union

Overseas students


AQF level

Level 8 – Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

Study mode

  • On campus

Study load

  • Part-time
  • Full-time


One year full-time or up to three years part-time.

Cost of study

The GDLit requires completion of 6 standard postgraduate units. Fees for 2017 are $2286 per unit or $13716 for a full-time year (6 units).

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What is this course about

The Graduate Diploma in Liturgy provides students the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge for liturgical leadership in a parish and in liturgical celebrations. It provides a substantial overview of the historical development of liturgy and a means of engaging historical and contemporary issues. Graduates are introduce to liturgical preparation and leadership.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Diploma in Liturgy:

  1. have knowledge of sources, terms and principles for liturgical leadership;
  2. have an overview of the historical development of liturgy and skills in analysis of liturgical documents and principles;
  3. apply interpretive skills to Church documents and teachings on liturgy with awareness of the implications of and applications to both historical and contemporary issues in liturgical studies and practice;
  4. apply skills in preparation and leadership in a variety of contexts.

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Admission dates

Admissions for second semester 2017 close on Friday 21 July 2017.

Eligibility requirements

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.

How to apply

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Course structure

The Graduate Diploma in Liturgy consists of 90 points comprised of 60 points in the discipline of Liturgy and a further 30 points.

Academic dress

Academic gown

Black Bachelor gown


Black trencher




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