Master of Education and Theology

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Master of Education and Theology






  • Australian Lutheran College

Overseas students


AQF level

Level 9 – Masters Degree

Study mode

  • Some units online
  • On campus

Study load

  • Part-time
  • Full-time


One year full-time or up to three years’ part-time.

Cost of study

The MEdTheol requires completion of 6 standard postgraduate units. Fees for 2017 are $2286 per unit or $13716 for a full-time year (6 units).

Detailed information

What is this course about

The MEdTheol provides professional development for teachers through the study of the interactions between education and theology. These complementary disciplines inform each other and are lived out side by side in the day to day life of a school. The award enhances teachers’ capacity to reflect on their role as teachers and leaders in the educational and theological environment of a school.

Course learning outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Education and Theology are able to:

  1. develop a discerning and deep understanding of key theological emphases which inform the practice and core culture of Lutheran or other Christian schools
  2. evaluate critically educational models, constructs, programs, trends or reforms from a Christian perspective
  3. become life-long participants and leaders in the dialogue between education and theology, exploring the nexus between the disciplines in such a way as to generate new insights for school and church
  4. engage in reflective practices which enhance their capacity to fulfil their dual roles as educators and active participants in the mission and ministry of the church in its schools.

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Admission dates

Admissions for first semester 2017 close on Friday 17 February 2017.
Admissions for second semester 2017 close on Friday 21 July 2017.

Eligibility requirements

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree and a teaching qualification, for a total of at least four years’ full-time study or part-time equivalent, and completion of at least three years’ teaching experience.

How to apply

How to Enrol

Course structure

For full details of admission requirements and course structure, consult information on the Australian Lutheran College website.

The Master of Education and Theology consists of 90 points comprised of:

a)   DE9016L Education and Theology in Dialogue

b)   At least three of the following elective units:

BS9004L Biblical Texts and Traditions

BS9020L Biblical Theology for Educators

CT9004L Theological Foundations for Educators

DA9001L Leadership for a Christian Context

DE9017L Contemporary Issues in Learning and Teaching

DE9020L Enhancing Leadership Capacity in the Lutheran School

DE9021L Current Issues in Curriculum

DE9035L Ethics, Values and Decision Making for Educators

DR9011L Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership in a Lutheran School

DR9032L Teaching and Leading Christian Studies

c)    Either XP9900L Masters Capstone – Supervised Project or a 12,000 word Research Essay on a related theme

Academic dress

Academic gown

Black Masters gown


Black trencher


Stewart Blue with a light blue ribbon


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